CrossFit Ammo provides a strength, conditioning, and wellness program conducted in a supportive community of peers. We believe that CrossFit is for everyone regardless of age or current fitness level. Every workout performed will be modified to meet you where you are.  Our goal is to not only increase your fitness capacity but to educate you and prepare you for the challenges of everyday life. We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, and professionals with the single goal of being the best that we can be.



Lee Irons
Lee Irons Owner/Programmer/Coach
Lee is a CrossFit Level 2 instructor, with a CrossFit Endurance certification.
Erin Hathway
Erin Hathway Owner/Manager/Coach
Erin has been a lifelong athlete and is constantly exploring her physical limits.
Leah Irons
Leah Irons Owner/Head Coach
Leah qualified for regionals as an individual in 2016 and has a goal of making it to the CrossFit games.


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“CrossFit Ammo is amazing!  At 60 years old, I feel stronger and more confident than ever.  The coaching is so encouraging that I find myself accomplishing things I never imagined I could do. Becoming part of the team at CrossFit Ammo had been a blessing in my life.”
Kris Beagle

“I have been overweight all of my life. I have tried everything to loose weight and keep it off. Weight Watchers, South Beach, and even prescription medication. I would loose weight initially but I would always gain it back. Since joining the CrossFit Ammo community, I have lost 30 pounds. My CrossFit family has helped make this happen. They push you to work harder in workouts than you ever thought you could. They inspire you do better in all areas of your life and you know they are there to support you every step of the way. My life has changed for the better and I give credit to the trainers and my CrossFit Ammo family”

Jennifer Wiseman

“While I have not exercised regularly since playing soccer in high school,  I used to consider myself to be in average physical fitness. That perception changed after joining CrossFit Ammo.Before CrossFit, I would run out of energy halfway into my hockey games. Three intense CrossFit Ammo workouts each week have elevated my stamina, leg strength, and general mobility, and I have discovered a different side of my physical abilities.  People notice a difference in the way I look and the way I play.  Members of my team are asking “how” and I am more than happy to tell them the ways CrossFit Ammo is making a difference in me. The coaches/instructors are like family.  I look forward to seeing them and working out with them.  Their consistent guidance and constant encouragement keep me coming back for more.  My wife and kids have also enjoyed the workouts and corresponding results.  We talk about how tough the WODs are and how we work to improve our results.  CrossFit Ammo is an important part of our family, and will be for years to come.”

Phil Van Beek
“I would really like to thank the staff at Crossfit ammo for assisting me with my personal health goals. I have noticed a huge difference in cardio and overall strength as I have been able to perform/play/contribute better to my adult ice hockey team. Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you. I actually look forward to the daily WODS!!”  “
Fabian Moran


IT Band (side leg/side body)

Mobility Minute this week will be focused on the IT band! These are both simple stretches to do pre and post Murph! [...]


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