The small daily goals will eventually lead you to the big one! I have learned this in the past two years. In the past, if I wasn’t instantly gratified by my efforts I felt as if they were pointless. An easy example of this would be, only flossing the week or morning of a dentist appointment and expecting your dentist to be overjoyed by how clean your teeth are. That just doesn’t happen. Another example would be eating clean for a week and looking in the mirror expecting to have a six pack or getting on the scale and wanting to drop 5 pounds. It just doesn’t work like that! I just recently started to shift my mindset to daily goals rather than just the finish project.

Now how did I get there? I started by writing down what the big overall goal was. For me that was making it to regionals, saving money, and becoming a better leader. The next step for me was defining what steps I needed to take to make those things happen. To make it to regionals I need to workout, eat clean, and recover. To save money I need to know what I am spending money on, and I need to build a budget. To become a better leader, I need to communicate, teach, and show by example.

Now that I have defined what I want to accomplish, and how those things will get done, what do I need to do on a daily basis that will keep me going towards those goals? That’s when you can go down a long and deep rabbit hole. I started by listing about 5 daily tasks for each goal. For example, to make it to regionals, every day, I need to 1.) eat to my plan 2.) Get 8 hours of sleep 3.) spend 45min mobilizing 4.) give 100% to my workouts 5.) communicate with my coach. If I can do all 5 of these things in a day, that is an amazing day! I normally get 4 out of the 5 and that’s okay too. It not about having a perfect day, it’s about doing the best I can that day. Having my daily task written down and checked off are a nice reminder that I am one day closer to achieving my goal. Whether that goal is tangible like going to regionals or something more abstract like becoming a better leader, I know I am moving in the right direction.

To help me keep track of all my daily check marks is an app called Way Of Life. Every night it goes off to remind me to report how I did that day. It charts my efforts for the week or month or year. I get to see if I had a really good day with all green or a really bad day of all red. I love using this app, mostly because it’s a daily reminder of the list of things that should just become second nature over time. I have flossed my teeth the past 64 days straight because of the way of life app, I know that will make at least one person proud! I challenge everyone to take the time to at least make a list of your goals and what it will take to get you there. Just that process alone is very eye-opening and motivating.


Coach April