AMMO Member In The Spotlight

CrossFit Ammo is filled with the most wonderful members ever. They are kind, encouraging, supportive, loving, and hardworking. Every month, we highlight one of our members. This gives us an opportunity to learn even more about the people we get to laugh with, sweat alongside, and share life with every day. Watch the Member in the Spotlight videos below to get to know your fellow athletes a little better.

Pat and Grace Guzinski

Meet our April Member’s in the Spotlight, Grace and Pat Guzinski!  This Father and Daughter duo are truly and inspiration at our box.  We love seeing families sweat, wod, and embrace the suck together!  Grace and Pat competed in the Open this year and will be competing in their first team competition together in April.  We are proud to call these two AMMO!  You can find them consistently wodding in the evenings and on occasional Saturdays!  Keep up the great work Guzinski’s!


AMMO’s September Member In the Spotlight is…REDD! He is a consistent 4:30pmer and has made huge progress. We are so proud to call him AMMO!

Niall Robinson

Niall Robinson is a 5amer and has been with AMMO for 2 years! He is an inspiration to everyone around him! Just recently, he mastered his double-unders and is always looking for new things to improve on. His energy and positive attitude are contagious. We are so proud to call Niall..AMMO!

Lauren Gavin

LG is one of AMMO’s 5amer’s. He has been with AMMO for over one year. He is an amazing athlete, every loves him, and he is a BEAST in the box. We are so proud to have him a part of the best box in the world! Keep an eye on this guy, he will be dominating Hand Stand Pushups next year! LG, it was great getting to know you a little better. We love you and are so proud to call you AMMO! Here’s LG’s interview! Enjoy!!!

Leah Greenfield

Coach Leah is AMMO’s Head Coach. She has been with AMMO for over two years. Through being at AMMO she has transformed into one of the best coaches around, as well as a phenomenal athlete. With hard work and dedication Coach, Leah made it to the 2016 CrossFit South Central Regionals, where she finished 20th. Not only is she an amazing coach and athlete, but she is one of the sweetest people you will meet. We are so proud to have Coach Leah a part of the AMMO family!

Peggy Walters

Peggy is an ORIGINAL Garage junkie! Almost exactly four years ago Peggy showed up with Mimi Moran and Norma Mendez at the original garage gym. All three ladies had a consolation with Coach Erin at her Kitchen table. This is where they were all introduced to CrossFit for the first time. Peggy was tricked into coming by her friends, but every since that day…she hasn’t looked back. Peggy, thank you for believing in AMMO from the beginning. We love you so much and are so proud to call you AMMO!

Frankie and Charles LaRue

Meet CrossFit Ammo’s October Member’s of the month… Frankie and Charles!!! You will see this power couple hitting it hard at the 6:30pm class! They are some of the most encouraging and fun loving members we have. They have a special gift of making everyone feel included and special. We are so blessed to have these two at AMMO!

Lisa Price

Meet Lisa Price…CrossFit Ammo’s November Member in the Spotlight! What a great interview! You can find Lisa working out at the 5:30pm class on most days. She has been with AMMO for almost a year. Lisa, we are so proud of your progress. Keep up the great work! (There are also some great creepers that join the video in the end. Lol…too funny)

Diz Baumann

Diz Baumann has been a member of CrossFit AMMO for almost 4 years! Her fun personality and positive attitude are contagious. She makes everyone feel special and included no matter what class she is in. You are guaranteed to hear her yelling loud for those in her class, while she is mid wod. We love you Diz and love learning more about you from your interview with Mark!

Ben Evans

Ben Evans is celebrating his 6 month anniversary with AMMO this month! He has been consistent and shown huge progress. He will be competing in his first CrossFit Competition in October. His great sense of humor and positive attitude make him someone that everyone likes to wod with. We are so proud of your progress Ben. Keep up the great work.

Pennie Langford

Pennie has been with AMMO for THREE years!!! She will be doing her very first CrossFit competition with her partner Ben Evans on October 9th. We are so excited to watch her test her fitness! Pennie loves the Rowing Wods, enjoys running, and tries to make every Thursday Endurance WOD. I guess you could say, cardio is one of her favorite past times. An interesting fact about Pennie…she just opened her own dentist practice in Allen! It’s called Southern Star Dental!

Fabian Moran

Meet Fabian Moran, one of AMMO’s original Garage Junkies!  He started the 9am class, 5 years ago in the Hathaway’s garage.  You can find him representing today in the 8am or 9am class.  Fabian, we love you.  Thank you for believing in us from the very beginning….before there was AC, bathrooms, and more than one barbell!


Meet one of AMMO’s most consistent members and fastest runners…David Binnings! The only time he misses a WOD is if he’s out of town for business. You can find him at the 6am class! David, we are proud to call you AMMO.



Peter Balyta

Check out our May Member in the Spotlight…Peter Balyta! We are so proud to have Peter a part of our AMMO community. I love how he connects crossfit to his daily life at Texas Instruments. Peter, congrats on the 2018 Open! Can’t wait to watch you dominate MURPH this year! We loved your interview and learning more about you.

Tim Little

CrossFit Ammo’s June Member in the Spotlight is….Tim Little! Tim has been with AMMO over 5 years and he regularly attends the 8 or 9am class. He is one of the “Three Amigos” and is proud to call himself one of AMMO’s masters! We love you Tim! Thank you for choosing AMMO.

Janna Cole

We are excited to introduce September’s Member in the Spotlight…Janna Cole! This momma of four is a true inspiration at AMMO! Watch her interview to learn more about her and how she has managed to lose all her baby weight and more! You can find her at 6am. We are so proud to call this girl AMMO! Keep up the great work Janna!

Donna Niewold

Meet CrossFit Ammo’s December Member in the Spotlight, Donna Niewold. Donna has been with AMMO for a year. She is such an inspiration to so many. Learn how Donna has dealt with her Rheumatoid Arthritis and how CrossFit has helped her. Donna, thank you for taking the time to share your story. It was so great getting to know you even better. It’s an honor to have you at AMMO. Donna Niewold​

Aaron White

Meet Aaron White, CrossFit Ammo’s January Member in the Spotlight! You can find Aaron at the 9am or 4:30pm class! His energy is contagious and we are so honored to have him at Ammo!


Coach April is one of AMMO’s favorite Head Coaches.  Her nickname is “Insensitive April”, but that’s what we love most about her!  Her “down to business” and “no crybabies allowed” attitude is keeps us on our feet and reach new levels.  She is an amazing Coach that challenges and pushes our athletes to do things they never thought possible.  We are so blessed to have Coach April at Ammo!  We love you Coach April!

Dave and Kinzer Malicoat

Time to meet our June Members in the Spotlight…a father son duo…Dave and Kinzer Malicaot. Learn a little more about these two 5amers, who motivates them, some of their favorite memories, and what they love most about AMMO! We are proud to have these two a part of our AMMO Family. It’s always so cool seeing families Wod together. Cool folks right here.

Steven Nguyen

Meet September’s Member in the Spotlight, Steven Van Nguyen! This guy is on fire! If you haven’t met him, you’re missing out. His passion and excitement are contagious. You can find him at the 8am or 6:30 pm class. When you see him, ask him about his PRs! We are proud to call you AMMO Steven.

Vivian Jeske

Meet CrossFit AMMOs November Member in the Spotlight Vivian Jeske! Vivian, also known as V, has been with AMMO over two years. She has been crushing goals and getting better everyday. You can finder her at 5am or 5:30pm! V is so fun and brings a great energy to AMMO. We are proud to call her AMMO!

Michelle Call

Meet CrossFit Ammo’s Member in the Spotlight for February, Michelle Call! Michelle has been with Ammo for almost 3 years. She has been crushing goals, pushing workouts to the absolute limit, and getting better everyday. She can thrive in the pain cave… it’s impressive to see. You can find her at 9am or the occasional 8am. Michelle is so fun and brings a great energy to Ammo. We are proud to call her Ammo!

Rick Wilson

Transformations & Testimonies

Donna Devault (age 68)


November 3 is a special anniversary for me. On that date in 2015, I had my first workout at CrossFit Ammo, a private session with Coach Erin to begin learning the basics of workouts. One of the first things Erin showed me how to do was get up off the floor without assistance once down on it. No, I am not kidding. Things have only gotten better since!

How did I reach the decision to join a gym – and then actually use the membership? Was I out of shape? Check. Overweight? Check. Looking for something to do other than unhealthy stuff? Check. Oh, and one more thing – earlier that year I had a heart attack.

Memorial Day – Monday, May 25, 2015. I woke up around 3:00am after spending most of the week-end having what I thought were muscle spasms in my upper back and shoulders every few hours. The thought that this might be heart-related never crossed my mind since there were no chest pains. But when I awoke that morning, the pain from what I thought were muscle spasms had moved to the center of my back, and for the first time it occurred to me that I might be having a heart attack. I called 9-1-1 and the EMTs arrived quickly and took me to the hospital, where I had an emergency angioplasty and a stent was inserted into an almost 100% blocked artery. I was lucky, and was able to go home the next day. Before I was released, my cardiologist came to see me and showed me the pictures of my blockages. There was more than one, but only one that was so bad it needed to be addressed surgically immediately. Dr. Reddy believed that this problem was caused primarily by my years of smoking cigarettes, and would without doubt recur if I continued to smoke, possibly fatally. Well, friends, given the choice between continuing to smoke and continuing to breathe, there is clearly only one sane option. I am still breathing, with great pleasure.

Once home, I started thinking about how I got to this gloomy point. I had been very depressed since the death of my precious husband, who had lost his fight with cancer the year before. Yes, I was eating too much comfort food, sleeping too much, and smoking too much, and none of it was bringing me much comfort. I had talked to my long-time BFF Sylvia several times earlier that year about coming to the Ammo box to watch one of her workouts, and now it seemed like something I should not put off any longer if Dr. Reddy cleared me to start working out. At my follow-up appointment with him that fall, I told him what I wanted to do, and asked if he was going to impose any restrictions. He was very supportive of my plan, and said there were no restrictions at all – my body would tell me when it reached its limit.

And so, after coming to the Ammo box to watch a workout, I was determined to try it myself. I have to be honest – I was soon wondering what I had gotten myself into. I could not do a sit-up without an ab mat and a rubber band, and all the other stuff was very hard to do, also. I had forgotten how many lesser-known muscles there are in the human body in addition to the main biggies that have the power to make you hurt like blue blazes if you dare to try using them. And of course Coach Erin managed to design workouts that made all of them come into play.

After three or four private sessions, I joined the Legends team and have never stopped moving forward. It’s fun to look back over the last three-plus years and consider how much progress I have made since I started. I love coming to the box for workouts, and value the friendships I have made here, coaches and workout buddies alike. Setting a new PR (Personal Record) periodically and comparing it to years past is particularly rewarding when significant progress has been made. Yes, it’s hard work, and when I look like a drowned rat after a workout, I know I have done something right. And it feels so good!

One more milestone I want to share before ending this story. In January, I did a nuclear stress test and passed with flying colors. Dr. Reddy says my heart is performing completely normally, all my blood tests are excellent, and I can now just see him once a year unless I have problems, which he does not anticipate. Needless to say, I believe the work I have done here at CrossFit Ammo under the guidance of our excellent coaches – Coach Erin, Coach Lee, and Coach Leah are very special to me – has contributed significantly to my improved health. I come here to work out because I want to feel better, look better, be heart-healthier, and enjoy the camaraderie of a great bunch of people. Enough said.

Ben Evans (age 43)


Sports in general have always been a big part of my life. Growing up, Soccer and Rugby were my two main sports. Then in my late teens and through college I focused mainly on Rugby, playing both in the UK and then at the University of Arkansas when I moved to the USA.

I had always been pretty consistent in my teens and into my early twenties where fitness had been concerned, I was always active in sports. However, after college it has been a different story, I struggled with my weight, my diet was, for lack of a better word, awful. I tried “quick fix diets” with some success, but my weight would always fluctuate. I was never able to find that permanent lifestyle change that I felt I could live with. Fast forward a little to December 2015, (I was about to turn 40), my brother in law had been telling me for a while about CrossFit Ammo, he’d been working out there for about a year and a half at the time and would tell me how great a place it was to workout. During this time in my life I’d become increasingly lazy regarding my workout schedule, it was in fact nonexistent. My diet was still awful and my weight was, let’s just say, blossoming. I knew I had to do something, so I took my brother-in-law’s advice and signed up for the Ammo Foundations Class in January 2016.

After taking the first foundations class, I knew that Ammo was the place for me. I became a member on February 1st 2016 and can safely say that I am hooked. I love CrossFit, and more specifically Crossfit AMMO. The coaches, (Erin, Lee, Leah, April and Matt) are encouraging, motivating, well qualified and want you to succeed, they will push you to reach your potential, and are there with you every step of the way. You never feel like you are on your own, they pay attention, help you improve your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. Every day the WOD’s are so varied, you never feel like any WOD is the same. Erin and Lee (owners) have created a great atmosphere, there is a great sense of community, it’s almost like a family. Everyone is encouraging, at every WOD we are motivating and helping each other through to the end. Ammo’s members are a great group of people, the kind of people you want to work out with and hang out with.

Personally, it has been a lifestyle change, when I joined in February, AMMO was having its Health and Wellness challenge. It was perfect, I was now being held accountable for my diet and my workout schedule. During the challenge (Which lasted the month of February) I saw huge results and Nine months on, I have continued making healthy diet choices and am working out every day at AMMO. I have lost 35lbs and am stronger and in the best shape of my life. I feel like I’m setting goals and achieving them every month. I feel like I’m always improving in areas that are my weaknesses, and that is thanks to the great coaching we have at Ammo.

I would recommend CrossFit Ammo to anyone, even if you’re on the fence about trying CrossFit, Ammo is the perfect place to give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Tim Little


In March 2013 I joined Crossfit AMMO and had no idea how it would change my lifestyle. I had recently seen my family dr and was told I had to make some serious health changes. I lost 65lbs and went from a size 40” waist to 32”. I began to make healthy food choices & began doing a Crossfit 4-5 days each week. The CF community is an unbelievable accountability group of friends working towards the same healthy lifestyle.

Over the last 5-1/2 I have dropped into many different Crossfit boxes. I have been to boxes all over the U.S., and have met great people all over America. Many have a similar feel, but very few are even close to AMMO. The owners and coaches have a genuine interest in the success of every member! The passion and enthusiasm at AMMO is second to none! This passion runs throughout the AMMO family. On occasion I may miss a WOD as I travel, and I’ll get a text from a fellow AMMO member checking in on me to make sure all is well and see if I was gonna get a workout in..”Ya gotta love accountability.” I am so proud to be a part of AMMO and look forward to many great years to come. Thank you CF AMMO for arming me for success.

Stephanie Forrester (Age 46)


226 pounds. When I stepped on the scale one day in 2016 and saw that number, I couldn’t believe it. 226???I was devastated. How did I let this happen? I felt out of control. I felt unhealthy. I felt powerless! It seemed like I couldn’t fix this. I thought it was hopeless, that I had let myself go too far.

I had to act. I had stalked CrossFit AMMO for a few months, and I finally got up the courage to go in for Foundations.
I showed up at AMMO understanding “exercise”. Throughout the years, I had been active in high school and college, had religiously done step aerobics in my 20s when that was a thing, lifted weights, rode my bike miles and miles, and on and on. What I really didn’t understand – and this is going to sound crazy – was FOOD. I did not understand how to use food to fuel my body – my machine. I was either eating huge portions and not paying any attention to specifically WHAT was going into my mouth or I was eating way too little.
Then along came my transformation guardian angel; Coach Leah. She showed me how to use food to fuel myself properly. I never felt like a hopeless fat lady when I talked with her. She held me accountable and encouraged me. She BELIEVED in me. She celebrated with me when I finally got under 200 lbs. She was interested in what I was experiencing, she paid attention, she kept me positive, she always answered my questions and with her guidance and knowledge, I lost 51 pounds. I cannot thank her enough. I will never be able to repay her. Gosh, it makes me cry just thinking about it!
CrossFit AMMO is so, so much more than a gym. It is absolutely changing lives. At 46, I have big fitness goals that I never would have dreamed were attainable 3 years ago. The coaches and members at AMMO are some of the most outstanding people I’ve ever met. We truly are family. I feel encouraged, I feel supported, I feel like I can take on anything because of AMMO.
Now when I ride my bike, kick a soccer ball around with the hubs, or even just walk my dog, I smile and celebrate my fitness. It’s a beautiful thing to have. The physical and mental challenge of pushing my limits every day is exhilarating. I am not done, there is always more work to do! And I know I will always have my AMMO family to support me. #crossfit #crossfittransformation #weareammo #ammostrong #crossfitammo

Leah Irons


On the left is 21 year-old me. I drank… a lot… I wanted the lean muscles and the athletic ability to make it to Regionals. I wanted the abs, defined legs, shredded shoulders and everything that most high level CrossFit athletes had. What I didn’t know was the amount of work and discipline it took to get there. I thought going to the gym, putting in the work, and living the same life I was living outside of the gym, would be enough. I lived off of Campisis pizza, Gloria’s chips and salsa, Texas Roadhouse rolls, Mambo Taxis (the list goes on and on,) without ever considering what my body actually NEEDED.

The woman on the right, however, is still a work in progress but tells a better story. One day, 3.5 years ago, I woke up. I was tired of being stagnant. I was tired of STILL wishing for the things the old me wanted. Something had to change in my life and I knew that the only difference between the old Leah and the new Leah was taking action towards my health and my fitness goals.

I learned to embrace the uncomfortable in order to get to where I wanted to be. Was it hard? HECK YEAH! My whole life revolved around tasty treats and workouts that I could do. I didn’t want to give up my pizza and margs, or feel defeat in a workout, but I knew that it’d be worth it in the end. I hated doing the things that I wasn’t good at. And at that time, there were plenty to choose from whether it was muscle-ups, strict hspu, butterfly pull-ups, or any bodyweight movement for that matter.

My encouragement to you is… establish your why. Why do you want to transform or change from your current situation? The longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be to start. Is that reason enough to make the necessary sacrifices? It was for me.
Once you establish your why, create attainable goals where you can enjoy small victories along the way. Embrace the uncomfortable… it’s going to happen. You will fall down but if you want it bad enough, you will let that motivate you and you will get up.
For me, my “why” was worth it, and I plan to continue a healthy lifestyle with my husband until the day I die.

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