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AMMO Member In The Spotlight

CrossFit Ammo is filled with the most wonderful members ever. They are kind, encouraging, supportive, loving, and hardworking. Every month, we highlight one of our members. This gives us an opportunity to learn even more about the people we get to laugh with, sweat alongside, and share life with every day. Watch the Member in the Spotlight videos below to get to know your fellow athletes a little better.


Coach April is one of AMMO’s favorite Head Coaches.  Her nickname is “Insensitive April”, but that’s what we love most about her!  Her “down to business” and “no crybabies allowed” attitude is keeps us on our feet and reach new levels.  She is an amazing Coach that challenges and pushes our athletes to do things they never thought possible.  We are so blessed to have Coach April at Ammo!  We love you Coach April!


AMMO’s September Member In the Spotlight is…REDD! He is a consistent 4:30pmer and has made huge progress. We are so proud to call him AMMO!

Niall Robinson

Niall Robinson is a 5amer and has been with AMMO for 2 years! He is an inspiration to everyone around him! Just recently, he mastered his double-unders and is always looking for new things to improve on. His energy and positive attitude are contagious. We are so proud to call Niall..AMMO!

Lauren Gavin

LG is one of AMMO’s 5amer’s. He has been with AMMO for over one year. He is an amazing athlete, every loves him, and he is a BEAST in the box. We are so proud to have him a part of the best box in the world! Keep an eye on this guy, he will be dominating Hand Stand Pushups next year! LG, it was great getting to know you a little better. We love you and are so proud to call you AMMO! Here’s LG’s interview! Enjoy!!!

Leah Greenfield

Coach Leah is AMMO’s Head Coach. She has been with AMMO for over two years. Through being at AMMO she has transformed into one of the best coaches around, as well as a phenomenal athlete. With hard work and dedication Coach, Leah made it to the 2016 CrossFit South Central Regionals, where she finished 20th. Not only is she an amazing coach and athlete, but she is one of the sweetest people you will meet. We are so proud to have Coach Leah a part of the AMMO family!

Peggy Walters

Peggy is an ORIGINAL Garage junkie! Almost exactly four years ago Peggy showed up with Mimi Moran and Norma Mendez at the original garage gym. All three ladies had a consolation with Coach Erin at her Kitchen table. This is where they were all introduced to CrossFit for the first time. Peggy was tricked into coming by her friends, but every since that day…she hasn’t looked back. Peggy, thank you for believing in AMMO from the beginning. We love you so much and are so proud to call you AMMO!

Frankie and Charles LaRue

Meet CrossFit Ammo’s October Member’s of the month… Frankie and Charles!!! You will see this power couple hitting it hard at the 6:30pm class! They are some of the most encouraging and fun loving members we have. They have a special gift of making everyone feel included and special. We are so blessed to have these two at AMMO!

Lisa Price

Meet Lisa Price…CrossFit Ammo’s November Member in the Spotlight! What a great interview! You can find Lisa working out at the 5:30pm class on most days. She has been with AMMO for almost a year. Lisa, we are so proud of your progress. Keep up the great work! (There are also some great creepers that join the video in the end. Lol…too funny)

Diz Baumann

Diz Baumann has been a member of CrossFit AMMO for almost 4 years! Her fun personality and positive attitude are contagious. She makes everyone feel special and included no matter what class she is in. You are guaranteed to hear her yelling loud for those in her class, while she is mid wod. We love you Diz and love learning more about you from your interview with Mark!

Ben Evans

Ben Evans is celebrating his 6 month anniversary with AMMO this month! He has been consistent and shown huge progress. He will be competing in his first CrossFit Competition in October. His great sense of humor and positive attitude make him someone that everyone likes to wod with. We are so proud of your progress Ben. Keep up the great work.

Pennie Langford

Pennie has been with AMMO for THREE years!!! She will be doing her very first CrossFit competition with her partner Ben Evans on October 9th. We are so excited to watch her test her fitness! Pennie loves the Rowing Wods, enjoys running, and tries to make every Thursday Endurance WOD. I guess you could say, cardio is one of her favorite past times. An interesting fact about Pennie…she just opened her own dentist practice in Allen! It’s called Southern Star Dental!

Fabian Moran

Meet Fabian Moran, one of AMMO’s original Garage Junkies!  He started the 9am class, 5 years ago in the Hathaway’s garage.  You can find him representing today in the 8am or 9am class.  Fabian, we love you.  Thank you for believing in us from the very beginning….before there was AC, bathrooms, and more than one barbell!


Meet one of AMMO’s most consistent members and fastest runners…David Binnings! The only time he misses a WOD is if he’s out of town for business. You can find him at the 6am class! David, we are proud to call you AMMO.



Peter Balyta

Check out our May Member in the Spotlight…Peter Balyta! We are so proud to have Peter a part of our AMMO community. I love how he connects crossfit to his daily life at Texas Instruments. Peter, congrats on the 2018 Open! Can’t wait to watch you dominate MURPH this year! We loved your interview and learning more about you.

Tim Little

CrossFit Ammo’s June Member in the Spotlight is….Tim Little! Tim has been with AMMO over 5 years and he regularly attends the 8 or 9am class. He is one of the “Three Amigos” and is proud to call himself one of AMMO’s masters! We love you Tim! Thank you for choosing AMMO.

Janna Cole

We are excited to introduce September’s Member in the Spotlight…Janna Cole! This momma of four is a true inspiration at AMMO! Watch her interview to learn more about her and how she has managed to lose all her baby weight and more! You can find her at 6am. We are so proud to call this girl AMMO! Keep up the great work Janna!

Donna Niewold

Meet CrossFit Ammo’s December Member in the Spotlight, Donna Niewold. Donna has been with AMMO for a year. She is such an inspiration to so many. Learn how Donna has dealt with her Rheumatoid Arthritis and how CrossFit has helped her. Donna, thank you for taking the time to share your story. It was so great getting to know you even better. It’s an honor to have you at AMMO. Donna Niewold​

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