We follow and believe in the methodologies of CrossFIt. Within this class, you will perform gymnastics, weightlifting, and mono-structural movements that will be supervised by a CrossFit trained coach. We preach technique first, consistency second, and intensity last. The community that has been created at AMMO is something we pride ourself on and it is within this group class where you will feel it most. Join others in a community and whether you are just wanting to improve your overall fitness or compete in local competitions this class is for you.

Before attending this class the individual is required to have completed our foundations course.



This will begin with a fitness consultation where we evaluate the basic movements of life. You will squat, pull, push, sit-up, and run. Following the consultation, we will design and 8 session plan that is individualized for you so that you can reach your fitness goals within a group setting. You will meet for 1 hour 2 to 3 times a week with your life coach and develop the skills needed to join the group class. We value this and require this because it follows our mindset of technique first. There are 17 movements that we require you to be comfortable with before entering group class. It is important that you understand our terminology when explaining these movements. Once you gain the ability to perform a rep correctly we will introduce consistency, which is the ability to perform the movements for multiple reps or for an extended period of time.

At the end of the 8 sessions, you will know your progressions and modifications that will allow you to excel within a group format.


Burner 2.0

Burner 2.0 is a conditioning and endurance type of program. There will not be a barbell, and there will be movements you don’t see in your typical CrossFit class. Each workout is high intensity interval based, designed to make you work! If you want to enhance your conditioning, do something different, and have fun in the process… this is for you!

Who is Burner 2.0 for?

EVERYONE! If you want something different or want to enhance your conditioning, this is the class for you.

Can I do the CrossFit workout and Burner 2.0 in the same day?

Yes! Burner 2.0 is not similar to the CrossFit workouts we do daily. If you want additional conditioning, sign yourself up for Burner 2.0!

When is Burner 2.0?

Tuesday and Thursday at 7am

How long is Burner 2.0?

45:00. That includes the warm up, a 20:00-25:00 workout, and a core blast/cool down.


Arming You For Life

Strength, Conditioning, and Wellness to Help You Tackle Life’s Battles