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May 2019

IT Band (side leg/side body)


Mobility Minute this week will be focused on the IT band! These are both simple stretches to do pre and post Murph! Great to do before and after running as well. #mobilityminute

IT Band (side leg/side body)2019-05-24T12:05:24+00:00

Piriformis Muscle (Butt Muscle)


This week we will be focusing on the Piriformis Muscle, also known as the Runner Muscle. This Muscle is located in the middle of your glutes. Grab a lacrosse ball and get busy. You can also stretch this muscle on the wall.

Piriformis Muscle (Butt Muscle)2019-05-14T07:51:42+00:00

Cervical & Thoracic Spine (neck and upper back)


We will be tackling our Cervical and Thoracic Spine with a peanut. You can find these in the mobility basket at AMMO. Let’s tackle that neck and middle back this week!

Cervical & Thoracic Spine (neck and upper back)2019-05-03T08:02:07+00:00

April 2019



MOBILITY MINUTE with Coach Lauren! Today we are going to tackle those tight hamstrings. Do this today at the box or at home! All you need is a yoga block, lacrosse ball, and band! Full video and library of Mobility Minutes at! #mobilityminute @crossfitammo


Knee: Quads & Calf Roll Out


We will be focusing on our knees this week for our Mobility Minute. Grab a foam roller and get busy! Remember everything is connected. When you have knee pain, try rolling out your quads and calves. You’d be surprised at how much this helps.

Knee: Quads & Calf Roll Out2019-04-12T08:37:19+00:00



Let’s tackle those ankles today! All you need is a lacrosse ball and roller for this Mobility Minute. Having mobile ankles is important for any kind of squat.


March 2019